Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1. A tranquil evening and some beautiful memories...

It was a quiet evening at the hillside overlooking the fading lights of Sun going down the horizon and giving way to a starry night, when all of a sudden Karan’s cellphone rang and a worried voice asked "Where are you, its 7'O clock and you have been out for almost 4 hours now. Come home son, you come home only for few days and that too you spend either sleeping or out with your friends. When are you going to spend some time with us?" Karan replied "I’ll be back in an hour mom. And tomorrow I'll spend the whole day with you. I promise."

This was our favorite spot – Karan, Arshpreet, Sagar, Disha and me, Harshit. We were really close to each other, even after leaving school for 2 years now. And this place, it was a nice small hill which was a little distance away from all the rush of the city. It was a peaceful place covered with trees and had a small lake. It was really soothing to see the sunset and then those yellow lights slowly and gradually covering the whole city. Under the moonlight, this place would look like a place so serene that we just wished to stay silent and listen to the sound of breeze blowing. Every time we came back home from our collages on vacations, we tried to meet every single day without miss.
We five were known to be inseparable in school. Karan was a student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Sagar, an MBBS student; Arshpreet, an Indian Military Academy cadet; Disha, an Environmental Science student; and I was pursuing Political Science. We all were very different, we all made different career choices, but then all of had seen a dream, a dream which bound us and which, in some way or the other led to the same destination. It was the dream about which you will get to know soon.
School, a place where we met for the first time and a place where each of them, except me, made up their mind about what they really wanted to do in life. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do, I had no passion, no specific skill and was going with the flow. Karan, Sagar and I were extremely notorious. Arshpreet(or Arsh as we liked to call him) was more of a serious kind of person and a guy who stood by his friends, firm and strong in any case. As long as he knew that whatever we were doing is not going to harm anyone, he was there for us. He was the tallest among all of us and had a nice built. Karan and Sagar were good-looking and this was the main thing that put them into troubles always. I was known to be the innocent one in the group and I used that notion to make maximum out of it. Mostly, when all three of us were involved in any mischief, I somehow always managed to escape.